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Meet the Team at Elevate Spinal Care


Jensyn Dilger

Jensyn is originally from southern Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology.

She has a 3 year old german shepard named Sky. Jensyn is an avid reader and loves to cook. Her two older sisters are her best friends. Her favorite memory is the day her niece was born!

About her own experience with chiropractic care, Jensyn says “I dealt with migraines for the past 10 years, since seeing Dr. Julia, my migraines have decreased in severity and frequency!”

Caitlyn Normancaitlyn-reception-desk

Caitlyn is originally from Tampa, FL. She graduated from St. Pete College in 2022 with her degree in Business Management. She has a dog named Lincoln and a cat named Juni.

She enjoys traveling to new places with her husband, their favorite is the Florida Keys, and catching up on her current book of the week! A fun fact about Caitlyn is that she has scuba dived with sea turtles 3 times and swam once with a sea lion!

Caitlyn has also had great experience since getting under care. “I played softball for 14 years. Since having knee surgery in 2013, I’ve always had discomfort in my knee leading up to my hips. Since seeing Dr. Julia not only is my knee pain gone, but my hips are aligned which makes working out and moving around easier!”


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