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New Patients at Elevate Spinal Care

From the time you enter our practice, you are family. Here at Elevate Spinal Care, we want your first visit to be comfortable and informative. You arrive relaxed, ready to share your experiences, and bring notes or images from other providers that might provide us with additional insight—and we do the rest.

Learn more about our two-visit new patient process and how we can help you heal and live well.

Your Initial Consultation

Your introductory appointment will be about 45 minutes in duration.

Upon your arrival, our friendly front desk technicians will welcome you, offer you water, and give you a tour of our facilities. You will then join Dr. Julia in a private room to discuss your health history, current concerns, and overall wellness goals. At this time, clear objectives for your care will be set.

Following your consultation, Dr. Julia will thoroughly examine your spine to locate any misalignments or subluxations that may be causing your symptoms. She will then run a non-invasive thermographic scanner along your neck to better understand your needs. X-ray imaging may be recommended.

Your Follow-Up Visit

Your second appointment, known as your Report of Findings, will be scheduled for the day after your initial consultation.

Your Report of Findings will be dedicated to reviewing the results of your spinal examination, thermographic scan, and X-ray film. At this time, Dr. Julia will explain her findings and collaborate with you to determine a plan of care tailored to your needs. She will review the frequency and duration of care and the expected cost of care.

Please set aside 45 minutes for this visit.

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Ongoing Care: What to Expect

Subsequent visits are designed to be efficient, taking only 15 to 20 minutes to keep you on track with your care plan. If you undergo an upper cervical adjustment, you will enjoy a brief period of rest following your appointment.

We Invite You to Stay Connected

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New patients can conveniently book appointments and complete paperwork online.


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