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Sports Chiropractic in Charleston

Adjusting patient on tableWe understand that the rigorous demands of sports can take a toll on the body. Here at Elevate Spinal Care, we offer individualized chiropractic care to rehabilitate your joints and spinal structure. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or weekend warrior, Dr. Julia and her compassionate team are here to relieve your discomfort and help you perform at your best.

Your peak performance is waiting for you. Learn more about our approach to sports chiropractic care.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Dr. Julia goes beyond traditional chiropractic care, specializing in neuromuscular diseases and sports-related injuries.

Our practice prioritizes the well-being of each individual patient. We design care plans tailored to your specific needs, considering your athletic biomechanics and overarching goals. Dr. Julia is skilled in manual therapy, athletic taping, and other rehabilitation methods to keep your spine aligned and your body functioning optimally.

Holistic Wellness

As a sports enthusiast, you understand the importance of staying active. Our sports chiropractic services aim to increase comfort, improve range of motion, and enhance overall athletic function.

At our practice, we listen to your concerns, identify the underlying source of your symptoms, and offer specific chiropractic adjustments according to your needs and goals. Whether you are recovering from an injury or seeking to optimize your performance, Dr. Julia has you covered.

Dr. J Workout

Common Benefits

Chiropractic care naturally aids in the body’s healing process, promoting the following:

  • Pain Reduction: Alleviate discomfort and pain associated with sports-related injuries.
  • Injury Recovery: Facilitate a rapid recovery from injuries, getting you back on the field sooner.
  • Improved Range of Motion: Enhance flexibility and function for better athletic performance.
  • Optimized Nervous System: Improve strength, mobility, and flexibility for injury prevention and peak athletic performance.

Expedited Healing

Within two weeks of following their personalized care plans, our patients typically experience up to 60% improvement in their condition. After six weeks, it is not uncommon to reach 90% improvement. Consistency is key to achieving optimal results.

Be at Your Athletic Best

We are here to help you heal and excel at the activities you love.

Call our practice for more information, and start your chiropractic journey today!


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