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Pediatric Chiropractic in Charleston

While your children are naturally resilient, the stress on their growing bodies often leads to misalignments that present through many symptoms. Here at Elevate Spinal Care, we prioritize the health and well-being of your little ones with the help of specialized pediatric chiropractic care.

Dr. Julia is here to listen to your concerns, locate the underlying issue of your child’s discomfort, and perform gentle adjustments according to their needs.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Children as new as hours old can benefit from chiropractic care. Pediatric chiropractors play a crucial role in correcting spinal misalignments that may result from childbirth, including acid reflux or colic, sleeping difficulties, breastfeeding difficulties, underdeveloped digestive systems, ear infections, and torticollis.

Dr. Julia welcomes children of all ages to experience the benefits of our safe and gentle care. From caring for brand-new babies to older children preparing to leave for college, she has the knowledge and skill to keep your kids happy and healthy for years to come.


Dr. Julia holding spine model

How We Can Help

Better Sleep

Quality sleep is vital for a child’s physical and emotional well-being. Pediatric chiropractic care aids in stress release, contributing to improved sleep patterns.

Healthier Immune System

Gentle adjustments can enhance your child’s immune system, protecting them from various nerve, spine, and muscle-related illnesses.

Improved Attitude and Behavior

Chiropractic care not only benefits the physical aspects of health and well-being, but it also lends to greater emotional and mental stability. Reduced stress and anxiety lead to better behavior and a more positive overall outlook.

Care and Prevention of Ear Infections

By draining the eustachian tube and dilating surrounding muscles, our natural care helps alleviate and reduce the likelihood of ear infections, a common childhood ailment.

Building Healthy Habits

Dr. Julia is committed to providing safe and gentle chiropractic care for infants, children, and adults. Our drug-free, non-invasive approach to health care aims to naturally improve your child’s wellness. We encourage you to ask questions—we want you to feel comfortable with your decision to begin pediatric chiropractic care.

Get Started Today

We understand your concerns and are here to put you at ease. With us, you can be sure your littlest loved ones are receiving the best care possible.

Contact our practice to learn more and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chiropractic care safe for my baby or child?

Absolutely! Our adjustments are tailored to each child’s specific needs. We utilize low-force adjustment techniques without cracking or popping.

How young is too young for chiropractic care?

The earlier you start, the better. We cater to infants and children, acknowledging the unique needs of each age group. Chiropractic care is beneficial even for infants just a few hours old.


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